ONE80 was born to raise the standards of the fitness industry.  

We believe that it’s achievable to build resilience, grit and determination through training. 

Our program is designed to build strong and purposeful bodies ready to tackle any physical and mental challenges that they face. 

We incorporate philosophy, psychology, nutrition and movement into our daily practice, which ultimately transfers across to their everyday lives and creates a 180 degree shift overtime. 

This allows every member to evolve in every aspect of their lives. 

The training is intentional. The community is powerful. The coaching is world-class. 

Transformation comes from action.

Freedom is achieved through discipline.

Ultimately, ONE80 builds warriors ready to conquer the world.

Are you ready to join the movement?

At ONE80 Strength & Fitness, we are committed to you and your results.
We not only offer you quality coaching & physical training. We help improve your resilience and mental strength, helping you to develop a winning attitude and become an overall bulletproof human.

Don’t go at it alone, we train together, support each other & win at life together – one degree at a time.

Get started with our “Love it or Leave it” Ultimate 28 Day Kick Starter.
No lock ins, no sign up fees, just 28 days committed to you and your results.


At ONE80 we aim to help you turn your life around, one degree at a time, one day at a time. Your fitness goals are about progress, not perfection. We see from experience just how much our clients can make huge progress in a relatively short time. This place bleeds results.

Ultimately, we aim to build a healthier community by starting on the ground level. A society of educated, longer-living human beings who can pass their knowledge on to the next generation

There is a lesson in every session, every encounter, every discussion. ONE80 is not about grind and boring routines. It is a well thought out gradual and sustainable lifestyle overhaul. An approach to overall fitness and well-being which blends seamlessly into your work, family and social commitments.


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Jessica Elhajj

Could not recommend ONE80 enough!
Great atmosphere, good people and friendly down to earth staff.

My Property Guy

Awesome trainers and great classes! Really good vibe.

Anthony Habib

The best atmosphere I have ever experience at any type of Gym!!! I used to hate training but ever since I’ve been coming to One80 I love it!!!

Regan Rona

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
The greatest gym I’ve ever been to with the best coaches!! The environment is so good, everyone motivates each other to be better. The greatest!

Jamie Georges

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
What Jon and Emellie have achieved is remarkable. From humble beginnings, they have worked tirelessly to develop a fitness club that is challenging and an atmosphere that is collegiate. They have created something of a lifestyle for their members, something that we can achieve daily and that is realistic – it’s really not ‘just another gym’.

Jasmine Moussa

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
One80 is definitely not just another gym the environment Jon and Em have created can not be beaten I have trained at One 80 for 2 years now and have rarely missed a day. I constantly gain knowledge not just with my training but also with the nutritional side of a healthy lifestyle. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have been able to find such passionate coaches that have helped me created a much better version of myself If you are looking for a change and becoming the person you imagine I highly recommend this place.

Kay Marnaky

Nothing but positive things to say about this gym!! Jon and Em are so passionate about what they do and it comes through in the quality of training sessions, as well as the atmosphere that they create with each class. Makes you excited to go to training everyday. Highly recommend!

Selina Matapuku

Best community fitness group I’ve ever been a part of. The coaches are highly knowledgeable in strength and conditioning, nutrition and mental toughness and they lead by example every day. The members are an awesome group of people who are all very friendly. The gym includes top of the line facilities and is in a great location. Highly recommend!


The best gym/classes I have ever been to!
The coaches are so passionate and and are with you every step. Jon and Em have created an amazing environment filled with amazing people that encourage you to train and smash your goals. What I love most is that the classes are convenient for all times of the day to ensure you always get a session in.


I have been training at ONE80 for nearly two years and can say I have never experienced such an incredible environment at a gym. It is extremely welcoming , friendly and vibrant and something I look forward to everyday. The coaches there are true professionals with a lot of experience and have their members best interest at heart. After two years, I cannot see myself ever leaving as Jon and Em have not only provided me with amazing fundamentals to live out a healthy lifestyle, made me strong, fitter and achieve my health goals but also given me a second home & family! Couldn’t recommend enough!

Mandy Poon

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