Our Classes


Here at ONE80 we pride ourselves on having everything you need to reach your fitness goals. Our state-of-the-art facilities boast a wide range of equipment.

    • Concept2 Ergs: Bike, Row, and Ski Ergs
    • Rogue Echo Bikes
    • Quality Barbells
    • Again Faster plates
    • 10-cell Again Faster rig
    • Dumbbells
    • Heavy Deadballs
    • Kettlebells
    • Dedicated PT studio
    • In-house Prime Function Physio

All this equipment ensures that we can structure a high quality Strength & Conditioning program that helps to improve your overall performance.


ONE80 offers a meticulously structured and periodised strength and conditioning program that focuses on a comprehensive, multimodal training approach. Our objective is to enhance your physical attributes based on the seven key principles of training.

We place a premium on full-range-of-motion movements to decrease body fat, enhance mobility, and prevent injuries. The emphasis on longevity is evident through our periodised programming, incorporating key strength lifts, accessories, and conditioning training to elevate overall working capacity.

Our consistently diverse and thoughtfully scheduled training programs are designed to consistently challenge you, promoting the cultivation of the healthiest, fittest, and mentally strongest version of yourself. Despite the apparent complexity, our philosophy is straightforward: for a longer and more fulfilled life, engage in intelligent training, maintain a healthy diet, and prioritise overall well-being.


We take into consideration that everyone responds differently to training – making sure you’re getting what you need to see results.


We adjust our programming to fit your goals, taking in each member’s needs.


We program training blocks into the year to ensure you’re seeing constant progression in your abilities.


In order to see the results you’re looking for, we constantly increase the difficulty of the workouts over each training block.


With consistent training your body will adapt, making what was once difficult much easier.


We ensure that within our training blocks there is ample time for your body to recover. This is important for continuing to improve.


If you discontinue types of training, you will slowly lose the ability to do that style of training. We make sure that our training has high variety while still maintaining the basics to avoid reversibility.

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